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first green

From the Artisans of Olive Oil. Emerald Green and Raw in Flavour

First Green is an extra virgin obtained from an early harvest of the olives when they're still green and unripe. The resulting production will be limited in quantity, as the olives are not filled with much juicy fat yet but for this very reason, they're highly rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and filled with unique aromas and flavours.

First Green Olive Oil is 100% Italian Crude Oil, freshly pressed and bottled when it is still in its “unfiltered” state. It has intensely fresh, fruity aromas that predominate in green olives, fresh-cut grass, and herbs. 

Vibrant, green, incredibly fresh – tasting and right off the press. 

More than a mere condiment, it’s an authentic sensory experience.

 An elixir.

First Green is our novello Olive Oil, fresh from the press. Novello, Italian for “new” and sometimes called “Olio Nuovo” or “Verdone” in Umbria, is the name given to the production of this early harvest. 


Novello represents the celebration of the beginning of the olive harvest season

There is no better way to enjoy First Green oil than simply with a piece of warm, crusty bread. Its flavor is extremely fresh, unique, that you may just want to drink it!

We suggest consuming it at its freshest. Don’t be afraid to use it liberally with bread as well as in your soups, salads, pasta, and other dishes. Its flavor is typically robust and spicy with a pleasant, slightly bitter finish.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil belongs to the Martani Olive Valley, one of the main five DOP areas in Umbria.

We partner with the local Micro Farmers.

This is the Real farmers’ Olive Oil.
Micro Farmers.
This Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents the core of the identity of this holy land.
This is the Real farmers’ Olive Oil.

They all own an olive tree field, that they personally grow, and harvest the olives according to the traditional and centenarian methods.

The oil comes in small quantity and it’s highly limited in production, thus preserving the balance of sustainable production and family traditions.

After the oil has been freshly pressed we immediately send the limited stock to our facilities in Milan and all customers with pre-orders get their first.

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