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MIcro Farmers

Directly from Italian micro farmers to your table. Cold-pressed by small local cooperatives.

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limited edition

Our Olive Oil is cultivated and harvested by local farmers and their families in limited quantities.

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We and the farmers are committed to respect the natural vegetative cycle of the plants. Quality over quantity.

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olive oil

Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy

At the geographical center of Italy, this land is known, thank its lushness, as the peninsula's "Green Heart." Its rolling hills and fertile plains are studded with picturesque towns, castles, and monasteries, recalling millennia of human habitation.

In recent years there's been much talk about the richness and need for biodiversity: not just in relation to man. In the long battle for survival

Beauty Comes First

olive oil for beauty

Natural, Sustainable, Rich in Nutrients, Animal Free

Today, spa resorts and day spas offer a variety of pampering treats. But you can get the same benefits right at home. A bathtub or shower, quality time, and olive oil and soap are all you need. For centuries, Mediterranean women have turned to olive oil to condition their hair, making it shine. Italian actress Sophia Loren, today 87, told the media that the secret to her youthful looks is “the odd bath in virgin olive oil.” Olive oil has been used for skin treatments since biblical times—and in the twenty-first century, it’s finding its way back as a beauty product around the world.


olive cultivar

500 varieties of olive trees with 41 DOP across Italy, which represent 40% of the world's olive trees species



In Italy, the yearly production is limited to 250.000 tons of oil. Just the 2% comes from Umbria.


milion olive trees

Umbria is covered by 7 million olive trees and it's the only region totally DOP with 5 sub-areas.


olive trees

There are 230 active oil mills in Umbria. The olives are immediately after the harvesting.


Our Profesional Team

Passionate, devoted, enthusiasts


angela eva alunni italianraw

angela alunni

company manager

Rooted to her italian origins, Angela has been travelling around the globe for decades coupling her love for travel to her professional life. Devoted to the continuous exploration of the umbrian territory to discover micro farmers, who keep the tradition of doing things in a simple and traditional way. Compelled to support sustainable and small scale production. Her passion: food and the old traditional flavors of the rural and magic valleys where her family comes from.

henrik crüger


Investor of innovative companies, but also grown in the traditional Danish countryside along with its values. Henrik is a supporter of old good times production methods, made of simple rituals and genuine ingredients as a counterintuitive but effective method of economic growth. After moving to Italy, He has developed a keen, enthusiastic interest for italian culinary traditions, that he considers integral part of the fascinating italian cultural heritage.

holger cruger

holgEr crüger

sales director

Holger is the ambassador of Italianraw. Passionate about lifestyle and food, with a solid academic background in International Politics and years as a P.R. manager and board advisor. Thanks to his curiosity for foreign cultures, he has developed a unique empathic entrepreneurial approach that values small communities’ products and small economy scale as the new way of living a quality life. Holger is the voice of the farmers, allowing their values, traditions, and products to get to the world.

farmers olive oil

our farmers

the producers

We support Umbrian olive oil micro farmers and family production. We work ad cooperate with them to pickup the surplus of their production of olives. These small farmers grow the olive trees following an ancient tradition that is passed from generation to generation. They work with care and sacrifice in a world not spoiled yet by industrialized logic. We want to protect their world, their lifestyle, their values and a sustainable and balanced production.

Testimonials always

Chefs and Olive Oil

We had our wheat. We made our own olive oil. We made our wine. We had chickens, ducks; we had sheep, cows, milk. So I was raised in a very simple situation but understanding really food from the ground... the essence of food and the flavors. And those memories I took with me, and I think that they lingered on.
Lidia Bastianich

Chefs and Olive Oil

You gotta have good olive oil. You should have a cooking olive oil and you should have a finishing olive oil, like an extra-virgin olive oil.
Emeril Lagasse

Chefs and Olive Oil

If my cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil.
Alain Ducasse



quality italian olive oil









We create Design

We prioritize sustainability, small Artisans, unique Design.

The wood boxes are hand-made by a small artisan from Puglia, a region located in the very south of Italy.


The box is made of birch wood, the cover is hand-painted in black and the customization is realized on each side of the box on and on the front cover with a heat stamping technique.


Our customers report using the box as a spices container or for similar purposes, as they find it beautiful and nice to keep the box in the kitchen and place it on the table.


Olive Oil must be kept in a stable environment away from light and heat sources. Therefore the quality of the tank used to keep the oil is highly important.

For our tanks, we've chosen the best tanks producer from Austria.


The tank, in black matte color, protects the liquid from any external aggression preserving the oil's organoleptic properties and conferring a stable aroma and flavor throughout time. 


A beautiful piece of design to show and use around your kitchen.

We love design. Therefore we looked for the best plate producer and we found it in California. A small design start-up that realizes customized plates in metal.


Every Plate is unique. Each piece reports the tank's number - we sell limited production oil that comes in small quantities, usually 100 cans - and the production and harvest references. 


The Industrial Design style adds even more quality and prestige to this limited production farmer's olive oil. A rare exclusive product.

Your Tank will be delivered wrapped and protected by a fabric made of organic cotton velvet.


umbrian olive tee
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In recent years there's been much talk about the richness and need for biodiversity: not just in relation to man. In the long battle for survival


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