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Genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oil 


 our mission is to provide our customers with the best products, created with care, passion, and pride by real people.

We support sustainable production models. We aim to be part of a joint endeavor, a movement made of small farmers, artisans, and intellectuals who want to change food production approaches, pairing ethical, moral values with business and putting people and the environment first. 

Small farmers and their families make our Evo oil. They usually have inherited a tiny farm and have adopted the same traditional farming methods carried on throughout generations.

Small-scale farming produces abundant food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment. Most of the farms in Italy are classified as small. However, these primarily family-owned and operated farms face enormous challenges due to current trends, such as increased movement into cities, an aging population, industrial farm consolidation, and changing weather patterns.   

The importance of family and small farms.

For these reasons, family and small farms are vital to our economy and well-being. 

Small farms are essential!

They protect and enhance natural resources and the environment.

Provide a nursery for the development of new micro-enterprises.

Maintain rural populations.

They support the competitiveness and sustainability of rural and farm economies.

A countermovement.

The industrial model has emphasized high production and quantity.

As a result, this system has exploited and degraded soil and water.

Also, it reduces the biodiversity that is a crucial element to food security, increasing our dependence on imported oil. Finally, it drove more and more acres into the hands of fewer and fewer “farmers,” crippling rural communities.

Sustainable Agriculture follows the principles of nature.

It’s, like nature, self-sustaining. But, it’s also the agriculture of social values, vibrant rural communities, families, and wholesome food for everyone.

It promotes biodiversity, recycles plant nutrients, protects soil from erosion, conserves and protects water.

Farmer’s Olive Oil. Vibrant, green, incredibly fresh-tasting and right off the press. 

More than a mere condiment, it’s an authentic sensory experience.

 An elixir.

This is the Real farmer’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
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