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Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by farmers

Directly from Italian micro farmers to your table. Cold-pressed by small local cooperatives.

In a small castle of the 17th century converted into an oil mill, located in Umbria on the top of a hill, a cooperative of 134 small local farmers has joined forces to survive in a world that has become more and more industrialized.

These farmers are surviving in a world led by gigantic multinational companies. In this world, the value of products is bent to the logic of quantity and the maximization of profit. 

 The micro farmers produce olive oil in small quantities, typically between 100 and 300 liters per year

Small olive farms do not have much to share with this world and the olive oil industry. Small farmers live in a different universe where values, respect, pride, integrity play a fundamental role and guide their actions. The farmers aim to preserve the traditions and protect the land by personally ensuring strict monitoring of the whole production. Nature is respected, and the plants are taken care of with kindness.

There’s much poetry in their work, in the way they talk about the olives, the competition they feel to produce the best olive oil of the valley. 

Therefore artisanal extra virgin olive oil and mass-produced olive oil should be considered and evaluated differently. They are different products with their organoleptic characteristics, selling prices, and customer bases.

Farmer’s Olive Oil. Vibrant, green, incredibly fresh-tasting, and right off the press. 

More than a mere condiment, it’s an authentic sensory experience.

 An elixir.

This is the Real farmers’ Olive Oil.


Once ripe, the farmers harvest the olives and transport them the same day to the Castel, where they are immediately pressed.
For the pressing, our oil mill has adopted the “continuous cycle” method, which better preserves flavors and aromas of the final product: the extra virgin olive oil.
Once ready and bottled, the micro farmers proudly distribute their oil to family and friends.
In this part of the world, olive oil is a matter of honor and pride, and the act of giving a liter of olive oil to family members or friends is regarded as a meaningful gesture.
The cooperative handles the oil and sells it to local high-end restaurants and traveling food lovers.

You get the chance to have a share of this outstanding oil… enjoy the excellent taste of this olive oil, and enjoy the feeling of taking care of yourself and something more significant.


Every Vintage is unique in itself.

Therefore every olive oil production is different because of the seasonal temperatures and weather in each specific geographical area. Consequently, flavors and perfumes may differ year over year.

Italianraw is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. This oil is the most rustic, genuine product of the farmers. It’s dense and more fruity also because of the sediments left after the pressing of the olives.

Unfiltered olive oil may have a cloudy appearance due to olive particles suspended in the oil.

We suggest consuming the oil at its freshest and before 18 months from its opening.


From a health perspective, unfiltered olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and zero dietary cholesterol.

These antioxidants are perfect for preventing various heart diseases, maintaining healthy body weight, and providing balanced nutrition for the human body.

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