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Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by MICRO farmers


Micro farmers, as the name suggests, are small-scale farmers who own or lease land typically less than 10 hectares. These farmers often have a deep connection to the land and a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices. In Umbria, micro farmers are renowned for producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil, considered some of the best in the world.


The farmers of Umbria are known for their dedication to traditional and sustainable agriculture

The region has a rich agricultural heritage, with many small, family-owned farms producing a wide variety of crops, including olives, grapes, vegetables, and grains.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in traditional farming methods and sustainable agriculture, with many farmers embracing organic and biodynamic practices. This has led to a resurgence of small-scale, artisanal farming in the region, with many farmers working together to share knowledge and resources.

The farmers of Umbria are also known for their commitment to preserving the local environment and biodiversity. Many farms in the region are located in protected areas, such as national parks and nature reserves, and farmers work to maintain the natural balance of these ecosystems while also producing high-quality crops.

Overall, the farmers of Umbria play a vital role in preserving the region’s agricultural heritage and promoting sustainable agriculture for future generations.

The farming tradition in Umbria is rich and diverse, with a long history of agriculture dating back centuries. The region is known for its fertile soil, mild climate, and abundant water sources, which make it ideal for growing a variety of crops, including olives, grapes, wheat, and vegetables.

Directly from Italian micro farmers to your table. Cold-pressed by small local cooperatives.


In Umbria, many farmers still adhere to traditional farming practices, which involve a deep respect for the land and a focus on sustainable and organic farming methods. Many farms are family-owned and operated, with generations of farmers passing down their knowledge and skills.

In the case of olive oil production, farmers in Umbria typically follow a meticulous process, starting with careful selection of the olives at the optimal time of ripeness. The olives are then washed, crushed, and pressed using traditional methods, often using old stone mills or hydraulic presses.

Throughout the production process, farmers in Umbria are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, ensuring that the resulting olive oil is of the finest quality. 

This dedication to quality is reflected in the many Umbrian olive oils that have been awarded DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) status, a recognition of their exceptional taste and quality.

Overall, the farmers’ tradition in Umbria is deeply rooted in the land and the community, with a focus on preserving the region’s natural resources and producing high-quality, sustainable products.


 The micro farmers produce olive oil in small quantities, typically between 100 and 300 liters per year


Small olive farms do not have much to share with this world and the olive oil industry. Small farmers live in a different universe where values, respect, pride, and integrity play a fundamental role and guide their actions. The farmers aim to preserve the traditions and protect the land by personally ensuring strict monitoring of the whole production. Nature is respected, and the plants are taken care of with kindness.

There’s much poetry in their work, in the way they talk about the olives and the competition they feel to produce the best olive oil in the valley. 

Therefore artisanal extra virgin olive oil and mass-produced olive oil should be considered and evaluated differently. They are different products with their organoleptic characteristics, selling prices, and customer bases.

Farmer’s Olive Oil. Vibrant, green, incredibly fresh-tasting, and right off the press. 

More than a mere condiment, it’s an authentic sensory experience.

 An elixir.

This is the Real farmers’ Olive Oil.




Once ripe, the farmers harvest the olives and transport them to the oil mill the same day, where they are immediately pressed.
For the pressing, our oil mill has adopted the “continuous cycle” method, which better preserves the flavors and aromas of the final product: the extra virgin olive oil.
Once ready and bottled, the micro farmers proudly distribute their oil to family and friends.
In this part of the world, olive oil is a matter of honor and pride, and giving a liter of olive oil to family members or friends is regarded as a meaningful gesture.

You get the chance to have a share of this outstanding oil… enjoy the excellent taste of this olive oil, and enjoy the feeling of taking care of yourself and something more significant.

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