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Olive Oil Made by Micro Farmers of Umbria: A Limited Edition Niche Product

limited edition olive oil highly sought after by foodies around the world


The region of Umbria, located in the heart of Italy, is known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is also a land of small micro-farms, where farmers cultivate olives for the production of extra-virgin olive oil.

Unlike large-scale commercial producers, these micro-farms in Umbria produce olive oil in small quantities, resulting in a limited edition, niche product that is highly sought after by connoisseurs and foodies around the world.

One of the main reasons why Umbrian olive oil is so highly prized is its unique flavor profile. The olives are grown in nutrient-rich soil, which imbues them with a rich, earthy flavor unlike anything else on the market. Additionally, the olives are picked and pressed using traditional methods, further enhancing the oil’s flavor and aroma.


sustainable and organic farming practices


Moreover, these small-scale farmers use sustainable and organic farming practices, making olive oil delicious and environmentally friendly. As a result, the olive oil produced by micro-farms in Umbria is a premium product that reflects the passion and dedication of the farmers who produce it.

But the limited edition aspect of this olive oil makes it even more special. Due to the small quantities produced, it is not widely available in supermarkets or online. Instead, it is often sold in specialty stores or directly from the producers themselves. This exclusivity makes it a highly sought-after item among those who appreciate the finer things in life.

It is also worth noting that the limited edition aspect of this olive oil is not just a marketing ploy. The production of olive oil in Umbria is subject to the whims of nature, with factors like weather, pests, and disease all affecting crop yields. As a result, the quantity of olive oil produced can vary from year to year, making it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product.

In conclusion, olive oil produced by micro-farms in Umbria is a limited edition, niche product that is highly prized by food enthusiasts around the world. Its unique flavor, sustainable farming practices, and limited availability make it a premium product that reflects the passion and dedication of the farmers who produce it. Whether used in cooking or as a finishing oil, Umbrian olive oil is a truly special product worth seeking.

Our Olive Oil is cultivated and harvested by local farmers and their families.

The final product comes in limited quantities.

The genuine olives and the traditional process make our extra virgin the true farmer’s oil

 The farmers’ olive trees are located across the Martani hills. Many plants are more than 100 years old. The picking of the olives is a family matter and is done with ladders, forks, and a lot of enthusiasm. All the generations of families participate in this event between October and November.

Our efforts aim at creating and offering a genuine product

Approximately 15 kilos of olives give a liter of olive oil. Some trees give 30 kilos of olives; others provide only 3 kilos. So the farmers make between 100 and 300 liters of olive oil annually. We are getting limited quantities in limited editions in cooperation with the farmers.

The farmers are faithful to their tradition, according to which everyone produces and collects the olives to bring them to the mill. They keep some of the production for the family’s consumption while leaving the surplus to us.

Farmer’s Olive Oil. Vibrant, green, incredibly fresh-tasting and right off the press. 

More than a mere condiment, it’s an authentic sensory experience.

 An elixir.

We believe that the small farmers we regard as artisans do not have anything to share with the world of the olive oil industry. 

Artisanal EVO oil and mass-produced olive oil must be considered and evaluated differently, as they are different products with their organoleptic characteristics, selling prices, and customer bases.

In addition, farmers preserve and protect the land by personally ensuring strict monitoring of the whole production chain.

This is the Real farmers’ Olive Oil.
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