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la dolce vita


What is “dolce vita”


a Dolce Vita is a famous expression that reminds of a lifestyle made of luxury and pleasure.

Dolce Vita is about enjoying the good things in life and about really indulging in the things you love. But today the “Italian dolce vita” is also and more related to a slowly and carefree lifestyle.

In Italian, the expression is literally translated as “the sweet life”, or “the good life” and is mostly used abroad to indicate lightheartedness and happiness. 

Just by saying the word, It’s impossible not to think about Italy and its beautiful places, glimpses, and food. 

Still, it’s interesting to notice that Italians seldom use this expression because Dolce Vita is how they live every day!

In order to enjoy every little moment of life the only important elements are good friends, beautiful places and excellent food and drinks!
colazione italiana

The history of “dolce vita”

Rome: capital of the Dolce Vita.

We need to step back at the 50s, when Italy was trying to overcome the remnant of terrible War and start a new life. People started spending money on entertainment and spending more and more time on social activities. Everyone desired to forget the past decade, have fun and feel alive.

Rome, the big fascinating capital, was the center of this lifestyle, in particular, Via Veneto, the luxury street with all its restaurant and cafes.

The Grand Hotel Excelsior was populated by Hollywood celebrities partying and enjoying the Italian warm summer nights.

There was a specific event that signed the beginning of the Dolce Vita period: in 1958 a Roman noble, a Countess had a big birthday party in a famous restaurant of that time: Rugantino di Trastevere.

She organized a real international party with people from many different countries, which reached its today iconic and most memorable moment, when the dancer performed a striptease, causing a scandal in the newspapers of the time.

It has been this very scandalous even, for the times being, that inspired Federico Fellini, the  Italian movie director of the homonymous classic movie “La Dolce Vita”, who included an identical striptease scene in his movie.


Mostly, it is impossible not to think about Italy and its beautiful places, glimpses, and food.

During La Dolce Vita years Italian culture started to flourish. A lot of famous intellectuals met in the numerous cafes of Piazza del Popolo in Rome, such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, the writers Alberto Moravia, Umberto Eco and so on, exchanged their ideas and their art.

 “dolce vita”: the iconic movie directed by Fellini

“La Dolce Vita” directed by Fellini, is a true mirror of that times: it represents the frivolousness, the excess but also the drama lived by the characters.

It is curious how Fellini managed to create a common word: one character of his movie, whose job was the photographer, was also named “Paparazzo” and that is why today we use this word to indicate a professional photographer who spots out compromising pictures.

“Paparazzo”. Today we use this word to indicate a professional photographer who spots out compromising pictures.

Dolce Vita is a lifestyle


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