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Italianrawfarmer’s novello oil
novello olive oil from umbria

farmer’s novello oil


The farmer's Novello olive oil is the first extra virgin of the year, the first to be extracted from the olives harvested in the olives campaign, which goes from October till December.


This oil comes from the first batch of olives of the season when the oil is pressed within 4 hours, and then immediately packaged and dispatched. Its bright, unfiltered flavor is unique and memorable. It’s a unique oil, so typical to have become the object of celebrations in the Umbrian countryside, with parties held in October and November.

“Historically, the “new” or “novello” oil from the first olive harvest was only available to olive millers, who would savor it, while the commercial oil was settling. Even today is rare to find novello oil outside the country of origin. It is characterized by its extreme freshness” 

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Novello is part of a cultural and gastronomic journey to the Umbrian countryside.

The Umbrian countryside, a land rich in both history and "nutrients". It combines the culture and traditions of olive oil-producing heritage and the distinct characteristics of the fertile soil.



Novello ( meaning “new” in Italian ), is also an extra virgin olive oil, with the difference that It’s not poured in large tanks to be decanted naturally, but goes straight to the bottle. No need to be an expert to notice the strong green color and how fruity it smells. The unsedimented material in the oil causes its color to be an opaque green. Over time, the oil will decant in the bottle and some sediment will settle at the bottom.  

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