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Velvet Oil

Olive Oil - Selection October 2021

velvet oil

Velvet, the Blend Evo Oil made by the farmers


From the micro farmers

This extra virgin is produced by the farmers, that we consider the artisans of olive oil. Our olives are grown on several small farms, that are just three to seven acres and are located within minutes of the cooperative that press their oil.

Guardians of Old Traditions

We work with a special group of farmers who are safeguarding the regional ancient varieties of olives of the Umbria region in Central Italy. They grow and harvest the olives, which are then pressed and bottled by the local cooperative. The farmers are committed to preserving the ancient olive trees and will continue to maintain high standards for the highest-quality and best-tasting olive oil.


Italianraw supports these local farmers and their historically rich farming techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

For any inquiry, write to our email contact@italianraw.com or contact us here!

Expiration Date: “The extra virgin olive oil of ITALIANRAW S.r.l. is best before “12 months after opening” and must be consumed the latest 24 months after the production month. The production month is specified on the product can”

Shipping: We ship Worldwide


Genuine and Respectful of nature


Every Vintage is unique in itself.

Therefore every olive oil production is different because of the seasonal temperatures and weather in each specific geographical area. Flavors and perfumes may differ year over year.

Italianraw is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. This is the most rustic, genuine product of the farmers. It’s dense and more fruity also because of the sediments left after the pressing of the olives.

Unfiltered olive oil may have a cloudy appearance due to olive particles being suspended in the oil.



Talking from a health perspective, unfiltered olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and zero dietary cholesterol.

These antioxidants are perfect for preventing various heart diseases, maintaining a healthy body weight, and providing balanced nutrition for the human body.


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