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Dolce Vita

Olive Oil - Selection 2023

dolce vita

"Dolce Vita" is a famous expression that reminds us of a lifestyle made of luxury and pleasure.

Enjoying Life

Dolce Vita is about enjoying the good things in life and about really indulging in the things you love. But today the “Italian dolce vita” is also and more related to a slowly and carefree lifestyle.

What does it mean?

In Italian, the expression is translated with “the sweet life” or “the good life” and is mostly more used abroad to indicate lightheartedness and happiness. Just by saying the word, It’s impossible not to think about Italy and its beautiful places, glimpses, and food. 

Condemned to live Beauty

It’s interesting that Italians seldomly use this expression because Dolce Vita is simply the way they live every day! To enjoy every little moment of life, the only essential elements are good friends, beautiful places and excellent food and drinks!


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