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Virgin Dop Oil

Olive Oil - Selection October 2021

virgin dop oil

DOP: a specific mix of olives

Virgin DOP is Extra Virgin Olive Oil that combines a specific mix of olives. The geographical area of the olive trees is "Martani Hills" located in Umbria.

Protocol DOP

Each step of the production is regulated by the PDO official protocol and supervised by the regional commission.

Bouquet of Flavors

The PDO protocol establishes a specific blend of Umbrian olives, to create a specific bouquet of flavors. DOP, “Denominazione d’Origine Protetta”, meaning “Protected Designation of Origin” is the label that guarantees that your Olive Oil is produced, processed, and packaged in a specific geographical zone with local olive tress varieties mixed in a specific blend.

Olive tree varieties of the Martani Area

The Umbria DOP Olive Oil is obtained from the Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, San Felice, Rajo and Dolce Agocia olive varieties.

Perfumes and Flavors

It has a color ranging from intense green to yellow, a scent that recalls fresh fruit, and a rich flavor of bitter and fruity notes. San Felice: a specific variety of Colli Martani sub-area, contributes together with Frantoio and Moraiolo to create the unique blend of Colli Martani Olive oil. It possesses a high quantity of antioxidants.


Every Vintage is unique in itself.

Therefore every olive oil production is different because of the seasonal temperatures and weather in each specific geographical area. Consequently, flavors and perfumes may differ year over year.

Italianraw is unfiltered extra virgin olive oil. This oil is the most rustic, genuine product of the farmers. It’s dense and more fruity also because of the sediments left after the pressing of the olives.

Unfiltered olive oil may have a cloudy appearance due to olive particles suspended in the oil.

We suggest consuming the oil at its freshest and before 18 months from its opening.


From a health perspective, unfiltered olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and zero dietary cholesterol.

These antioxidants are perfect for preventing various heart diseases, maintaining a healthy body weight, and providing balanced nutrition for the human body.


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