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Olive Oil Selection 2023 2024

New Harvest

Exclusive, elegantly packed gift box containing 2 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Produced by micro farmes of Umbria, Italy. Made in Italy.


This elegantly packaged gift box is a tribute to the artisanal craftsmanship of microfarmers. Inside, you’ll find a duo of finely crafted olive oils: the robust Virgin DOP and the sumptuous Velvet, each contained in a sleek 500 ml bottle. This selection is the quintessential gift for the gourmet lover or the creative home chef, enriched with a companion magazine brimming with recipes and expert advice to enhance your enjoyment of these exceptional oils. The small-scale farmers’ dedication to quality is evident in every drop, and their commitment to tradition meets modern sophistication in the presentation of this exquisite set.


Artisanal Elegance 

Introducing our Olive Oil Gift Box, where traditional craftsmanship meets elegant presentation. Lovingly handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Puglia, Italy, each wooden box is a testament to the rich woodworking tradition of the region. Every panel and hinge tells a story, embodying a commitment to heritage and artistry.


Austere Bottles, Austere Preservation

Enclosed within the artisan-crafted wooden case, the bottles assert their presence with a contemporary edge. These vessels are meticulously crafted in Austria, their black matte metal not only preserving the intricate flavors and aromas of the olive oil but also elevating the aesthetic to a modern standard. This choice of material is a guarantee of quality, ensuring the contents remain as impeccable as their enclosure.


Italian Goldsmith Artistry

Elevating the opulence of the package, each bottle is adorned with a metal plate that exudes luxury. This decorative touch is the handiwork of Italian artisans known for their collaboration with master goldsmiths. These plates are not merely decorations but symbols of the value and the premium quality of the olive oil they seal.


Caps of Distinction

Crowning the experience, the golden caps are designed by Italianraw, blending Italian design ethos with functionality. These aluminum caps, produced with Danish precision, add a final touch of sophistication while protecting the essence of the olive oil, ensuring freshness and purity.


A Connoisseur’s Collection

Our Olive Oil Gift Box is a curated expression of European craftsmanship, a journey through Italy’s tradition, Austria’s precision, and Denmark’s design innovation. It is a gift that speaks to those who appreciate a blend of artisanal skill and elegant design, making it an unmatched indulgence for the true connoisseur.


Italian Farmers’ Mastership in Farming

At the heart of this collection is the mastery of Italian farmers, whose dedication to their craft yields the exceptional olive oil found within these bottles. Their expertise is the culmination of generations of farming, a deep knowledge of the land, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable and meticulous agricultural practices. This mastery is not only in the cultivation of the olives but also in their careful selection and pressing, ensuring that every drop of oil encapsulates the essence of Italian farming excellence.



The 500 ml bottle is the perfect size for home use and will last several meals. The olive oil can be used for cooking, dipping bread, or drizzling over salads and vegetables. Its rich and fruity flavor will add depth and complexity to any dish.

The gift box also includes information about the micro farmer who produced the olive oil, allowing the recipient to learn about the farming techniques and traditions used to create this exclusive product. This adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the gift, making it a present and a learning experience.

Overall, a gift box offering micro farmer’s niche exclusive olive oil in 500 ml format is a thoughtful and unique present that any food lover or home chef will surely appreciate. It’s a gift that tastes not only great but also supports small-scale farmers and traditional farming practices.


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